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We Thank You for Being A Volunteer

For this volunteer work that has taken place in 2015-2016 Academic Year Spring Season, we thank to participants, trainers, our experts, activity team and to all our supporters. Happy #WorldVolunteersDay! Our video is in this link, click.

Gönüllü olduğunuz için teşekkür ederizGönüllü olduğunuz için teşekkür ederiz

Gönüllü olduğunuz için teşekkür ederiz

Our team member Gözde, voluntarily supports İçerde Çocuk Var project within the body of Youth Re-Autonomy Foundation of Turkey, which works on building nursery-preschool for the children living with their mothers in the 8 women penal institution in Turkey. She met with Gökçe from the team in order to find the answer to how toys could enter into the prison. They just remembered the Applications for Societal Service lecture they took in the Anadolu University Faculty of Architecture and Design that they graduated from. For a research project through which they could share the importance of working for societal benefit with their fellow workers, they contacted the lecturer Ayla Canay and they made a recommendation to her. When they got the positive answer, together with their friends Mustafa, Çiğdem, Betül, Gökçem who graduated from the same university and with Gizem who had been a final year student at that time, and who has prepared this video, they worked in detail the syllabus and the process. Senior psychologist Elçin Külahçıoğlu joined the team. Tulin Dağ volunteered for transfer of knowledge and experience on the project topic.

As 2015-2016 Academic Year Spring Season lectures was continuing, we designed a workshop with Design Club to invite all the students in the faculty.

At the end of these workshops, with the active participation of 44 students, tens of different product design emerged. In order for each product to be examined for conformability and to be prepared for serial production for equal treatment of each child, we need project partnerships.

Gönüllü olduğunuz için teşekkür ederiz

Gönüllü olduğunuz için teşekkür ederiz

We thank to Ulaş Tigin and Enis Altınkaynak for video shooting and photography, to Hakan Çitil for weekend sewing atelier facilitation, to Derya Meriç for contributions during the process in the school and the lecture flow, to all the friends participated to the lecture and the workshop for being a volunteer.

In Önemsiyoruz projects, we work with social impact focus, we believe that the impact will increase as our supporters increase. You can follow us, support us and become a volunteer for us. For registration, click.